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Welcome to our Cardiology Practice

We offer the best possible expertise and care in all aspects of adult cardiology. With a combination of nationally recognised clinical excellence and a warm, friendly attitude, we offer consultation, reassurance and treatment - whether you have symptoms such as chest pain, breathlessness or high blood pressure, or more complex medical needs.

We always make sure that our patients are involved in every step of the decision making process and we avoid invasive tests and treatments when other options are available. We have access to state of the art advanced cardiac imaging.

We are based at The London Clinic, a top private hospital in Harley Street, and the BMI London Independent, near the City of London. By pooling our cardiology expertise within one practice, as part of a larger site and a network of trusted colleagues, we can give our patients the highest standards of medical care and a holistic team approach, for both diagnosis and treatment.

About Us

Dr Andrew Wragg, Cardiologist

Dr Andrew Wragg

BSc Hons, MBBS Hons, PhD, MRCP

I am a senior consultant cardiologist and run the Rapid Access Chest Pain Service at the London Chest Hospital (Barts NHS Trust). I specialise in managing patients with chest pain, and assessing and managing cardiovascular risk.


Dr Ajay Jain


I am a senior consultant cardiologist and the clinical lead for the nationally acclaimed Heart Attack Centre at the London Chest Hospital (Barts NHS Trust). I research widely in innovative cardiac techniques and tools.


Dr Ajay Jain, Cardiologist

Your Consultation

You will usually be seen within a few days of booking your appointment. We see you for half an hour or more, to discuss all your concerns, and if you require any tests, these can usually be done on-site the same day often with immediate results, and a follow-up appointment within a week. Our aim is to give all our patients the best care, reassurance and management possible. READ MORE

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Insured Patients

Insured Patients

We are approved by all the main health insurers including BUPA and AXA PPP. Find out more.

Insured Patients

Self-Funded Patients

We are very happy to see self-funded patients, we encourage you to get a referral from your GP. Find out more.

Insured Patients

Overseas Patients

We welcome overseas patients, referred by embassies or self-funded. Find out more.

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